You can paint on paper, parchment, vellum… This Indenture about a property transaction dates from 1751 and states that it was made during the reign of George II (who was succeeded by the more famous Mad King George) and signed in 1754 by different hands. Watch the videos in this post for more info as I try to read the document; I was trained in medieval palaeography during my MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at UCL but am not used to this later stuff, nor the abbreviations used (abbreviations were a common feature of manuscripts). You can try to decipher the document for yourself as it’s from a later period and uses the English we are most used to.

I choose raw wood for all my brush handles because to me they are the most useful and beautiful. Useful as when you paint they provide superior grip, unlike the varnished handles, and are a good light weight so your hands don’t tire. Beautiful because raw wood as a material has an inherent beauty itself. These are tools that are meant to be used, loved, taken care of and touched – much like the surface of parchment and vellum invites us to touch it as we imagine the hands of centuries past have likewise touched it – from the scribe who lovingly wrote all the calligraphy to the exchange of hands down the years – to the postman even – it’s the closest we’ll get to holding hands with someone from long ago.

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