Photography from Carpet Pages II: Roots just came through – enjoy! Better yet – see these gorgeous artworks in person: the show is up until Saturday 19 Oct, which is the last day, 11-6 at the Art Pavilion Mile End!

This was the biggest show I’ve ever organised – bigger even than my wedding – and even more international –

33 artists 16 countries

UK | Iran | Pakistan | Saudi Arabia | Morocco | Hong Kong | France | Syria | Sweden | Japan | Kazakhstan | Russia | Brazil | China | Portugal | New Zealand

A year in the making:

Concept and ideas 1 year

Liaising with artists 6 months

Making my own work 6 months

Initial organising 4 months

Planning 3 months

Full steam ahead 2 months

Countdown and preparation 1 month

Installation 2 days

Private view 3 hours

… the show runs for 2 weeks… Carpet Pages II: Roots

Art Pavilion Mile End

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