The Floating Island of Mile End:

The Art Pavilion Mile End is literally an earth-sheltered building, so its roof is covered with soil and grass: appropriate for my ‘roots’ motif for the show. It is flooded with light providing optimum viewing for the artworks and there is a beautiful vista of an island – home to nesting swans – from the gallery. There is also something very dear to my heart roving on the surface of the pond – Mile End’s very own floating island, made especially for ducks and other wildlife that inhabit the main island. Thanks @juliettelosq for pointing out the coots and moorhens. Here is the island, drifting in the wind…

…also more pics of the show as seen from the island, including beautiful woven basketry structures by @diwu and work by @alinemarion and @jianiu as seen from a distance ~

#floatingisland #island #mileend #artpavilionmileend #carpetpages #carpetpagesshow #roots #earth #gallery #drifting #roving #vaishaliprazmari #artistascurator #diwu #alinemarion #jianiu #juliettelosq #galleriesonasunday #sundayafternoon #momentofsunshine #ducks

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