Everybody do cyanotypes with your kids

I love blueprints. An adult art activity that can easily be tailored to the youngest toddlers… this is what we did using the summer sunshine

So exciting for them to see the images appear

You can do the whole process except for mixing the chemicals; once they are dried it’s just sunlight and water so completely safe

I recommend pairing them with Fiona Robinson’s excellent and heartwarming book ‘The Bluest of Blues’ which tells the story of Anna Atkins. Atkins was one of the first women in the world to take a photograph and she was the first person ever to publish a book of photography. Wow! Never ceasing in her thirst for knowledge, this scientist and artist had a wonderfully close relationship with her father and I’m adding her to my list of female heroes (along with Shahrazad etc). Glad to introduce my son to her.

#cyanotype #annaatkins #women #womenintech #femalepioneers #dowithyourkids #summer #sunshine #blueprints #summerholidays

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