Chinese science fiction is the best! Just finished my summer reading: the Three Body trilogy by Cixin Liu. By far the best books I’ve read this year (and actually in a long time)… these will stay with me for ages. I stayed up all night to finish a couple, reading in bed by the light of my iPhone in a blanket tent to not disturb anyone. They were that good. I was introduced to Cixin Liu and Chinese science fiction by a Chinese translator who translates Chinese science fiction into English and now I’m hooked. The topics Liu Cixin discusses will even influence my PhD on the 1001 Nights (dimensionality, time et al) – in fact the reason I am interested in the past at all (and I really am – studied traditional arts, miniature painting and manuscripts, and MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies) is basically so I can preserve, enhance and contribute to Earth Civilisation in meaningful ways… the future is the real goal after all…

I am dying to talk about this trilogy with anyone who’s read it in its entirety, those who have read in in Chinese or English!

#lightspeed #3body #threebody #三体 #santi #chinesesciencefiction #cixinliu #translation #summerreading #barackobamareadthis #ancientandmodern #thepastinthefuture #sciencefiction #scifi #earthcivilisation #cantputitdown

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