A parenting poem by Vaishali Prazmari
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and I set up a dollshouse
Nobody knew this, just me and my spouse
So our children can have a world they control
(And we get some time to ourselves – who knows?!)
This wonderful house is made by Plan Toys
A perfect gift not just for girls – for my boys
The idea of them immersed in their play makes me smile
Montessori recommends we Follow the Child
The Tiger Mama in me will teach them to read
Because paradise is a library indeed
Books are heavenly, and are worlds in themselves
All you need are some good sturdy shelves*
Reggio Emilia’s 100 languages approach
And the Classical one-to-one idea of a coach
There’s also the interesting angle of Steiner
I like some ideas, but declined for my minors
Homeschool, no-school, worldschool, unschool
I like flexischool, but we have a whole whirlpool
As Parenting has now become a Verb
No longer a noun, so I’m a little disturbed
I am a mother but now have to do mother-ing
I cannot just be, I must be doing a thing
Suffice it to say that despite all these which cost fees
Keep ‘em happy and healthy, and just leave ‘em be
ParentING by Vaishali Prazmari
A Work in Progress, always and forever
*also a work in progress, always and forever
Happy New Year 2021!
Interior by Patrik Prazmari
#parenting #vaishaliprazmari #mama #parent #allthechoices #justbeyourself #happynewyear #2021 #workinprogress

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