Secret revealed: how to make that elusive INDIAN YELLOW
It’s cruelty free
It’s biodegradable
It literally ticks all the boxes
No need to feed emaciated cows mango leaves
No need to get in trouble with the Indian government
No need to spend loads of money on research and development as I’m offering you the raw material for FREE
You heard it here first
However you may not like it, so be warned… 🙂
Baby poo.
Yep – exclusively breastfed baby poo is the EXACT rich, sunshine-vibrant, saturated sparkling colour of Indian yellow.
It may not even need precipitation (it probably does – erm – need to be made germ free somehow though)
My creative artist mama friend @aline_marion has tried it – it works – this glorious colour can be YOURS, TOO!
Anyone who wants to try making it please contact me anytime, and I will happily and willingly DONATE you the entire contents of my nappy bin!! FOR FREE!!!
This special offer won’t last long – you have a 6-month window until the introduction of solid foods. HURRY, WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Hello yellow
#revealed #secret #indianyellow #helloyellow #peori #babypoo #breastfed #nappies #wastenotwantnot #paintmaking #goodluck #lol

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