Nerve-wracking painting with kids – practising equanimity and calm while allowing 3.5 year old to paint on my painting!
He did a fairly good job. Painted outside the lines a little which is to be expected. I will tidy up his work but for the most part keep it. Maybe next time I’ll teach him to layer things and he can learn some skill. He was desperate to help his mama and insisted on painting ON my painting. I don’t always allow; this time I did. Better that he does it under my watch than behind my back. The thrill it gave him was immense…and it was fine in the end. And he can look back on it and point out ‘I did that part!’ Let kids paint, collaborate with kids!
In Chinese they address kids as ‘little friends’, 小朋友. I think this is what having a little friend means 🙂
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