Happy to be featured on the wonderful Art Illuminated podcast by Esra Alhamal of @islamicillumination Esra Mohd
I listened to it and we actually covered loads of ground!
I talk about my art, journey as an artist, creative process, my life-changing moment encountering my favourite historical miniature painting, how the book as an object and an idea is central to my practice, my teaching and courses, ripping out book pages (! Not by me), carpet pages and Carpet Pages, the series of exhibitions I curate, weaving, roots, stories, thinking outside of the boxes and outside of the margins, escaping the frame, the difference between water-based and oil-based paint, different surfaces, vertical and horizontal perspectives and formats in western and eastern art, floating islands and series of islands giving multiple perspectives, not prioritising one over another, in the Deleuzian rhizomatic sense – no privileged viewpoint, magic carpets as islands, growing up in Hong Kong island hopping daily, changing my reference points and my early interest in the outlying and the marginal, the city and the natural landscape, anthropomorphism in landscapes, maps and the importance of islands in history, the spark in my childhood that prompted my 1001 Nights PhD adventure today, my 10,000 hours, being interrupted – like Shahrazad, who was also a mother – while also being in the flow and picking up where you left off and embracing that, historical art workshops and their deadlines, insomnia and creativity, frame narratives and stories within stories, fate and magic, early cinema and 16mm film, talismanic shirts, the Arabic abjad, letters and numbers and big numbers, survival instinct, the curating process and the story behind my brushes. Fittingly we recorded it in the @britishlibrary with all its attendant public sound effects 🙂 Thanks to Esra Alhamal @islamicillumination for doing such a good job with her seamless editing skills!

#islamicillumination #artilluminated #artilluminatedpodcast #podcast #esraalhamal #vaishaliprazmari #1001
#1001nights #1001phd #hongkong #childhood #art #artist #journey #creativeprocess #brushes #theperfectbrush #vaishaliprazmaribrushes #miniaturepainting #carpet #carpetpages #islands

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