‘Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas cards. I love calligraphy and calligraphers. The two combine beautifully in this perfect Christmas card I got out again from my student Christina Janoszka Christina Anna Janoszka – she’s a brilliant calligrapher and makes wonderful handmade cards for all seasons as well as many other bespoke products. I believe in small business and supporting the self-employed, artisanal companies that drive creativity in this country and in the world. She’s a really talented lettering artist who has mastered the difficult copperplate pointed pen style and her writing flows with ease and beauty. It’s such a pleasure to receive something elegantly handwritten that you know someone has taken time and thought to write. Even her ‘normal’ handwriting is neat and beautiful! (Unlike mine!) Commission calligraphy this Christmas, it is such a joy to give and receive.

#christinajanoszka #christmas #christmascard #calligraphy #handlettering #letteringartist #pointedpen #copperplate #elegant #handwriting #commission #bespoke #style #handwriting #handmade #smallbusiness #selfemployed #supportsmallbusiness

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