Carpet Pages III: Pixels is an online show in a 3D gallery I designed for this, and there is a game, read on…


2 Prizes there are to be won
One spiky and one soft
So let’s have a little fun
In the desert, but don’t get lost
One is a known unknown
And is already history
One is waiting to be shown
And is a total mystery

If you can figure out this riddle
Step inside the door
There’s a carpet in the middle
That covers the whole floor
What is its famous name?
It’s well-known, but here a pale ghost
A feather brush that’s like a flame
Will be flown to you by post*

A needle in the haystack, hidden in the sands
The 5th brush stands and waits
It’s long and thin and pointy and
Sharp and tall and straight
Beside it is the original quill
It may not be what you expect
A soft swan feather it is not; still
It’s black and white bedecked**

*The prize is a Fire brush, the 4th brush in the series. You don’t need to find anything, as the answer is hiding in plain sight. Just email me the answer
**The prize is a mystery… there is a 5th brush…. this treasure is really hidden, and you need to find it. Take a screenshot of its location and email it to me

A. You can enter for both prizes. 2 winners will be picked at random
B. One prize (for the answer to the name of the carpet) is a Fire brush, one prize (for the screenshot) is the 5th brush which is a new brush
C. Email your answer and/or screenshot to
D.. The 2 winners will be announced at the end of the show
E. Brushes will be posted to you after this date

Carpet Pages III: Pixels
26 Oct – 25 Nov 2020

Opening 1 – 29.10.20, 6-9pm GMT Free tickets here:


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