Shooting the suns

Shooting the suns 射日is a traditional Chinese tale of an archer who shot 9 suns 太阳and left 1 in the sky (there were 10 to begin with… so 10-9 = 1, although for me that is better illustrated by eating chocolate buttons in front of my kid. Once they’re gone, they’re gone). It precedes the story of Chang E and the Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节moon festival which I always loved as a kid in Hong Kong.

Always trying to incorporate archery in our homeschool as it teaches focus and honing skills… refining daily and a great metaphor for life. Traditional teaching (as in the much-loved book Zen and the Art of Archery 🏹 ) versus modern Montessori methods. I like both. Child- or student-led is really important. So when he got discouraged and disinterested (as the bow and arrow 弓箭 was for age 8+, although I tend to ignore these things when not safety-related) it was also a great lesson for me to let go. He came again and again to it – in his own time. Yet traditional methods also have their place – self discipline and rigour are also crucial if you want to hit the target 靶 🎯. Also a meditation on a devoted student is the story of Eklavia who eventually excels in archery thanks to his guru or master.

Did a giant target 靶 🎯 to not set it up for failure either, we all could definitely hit it as was so big and close. Baby steps

Culture + festivals + ancient and modern teaching + maths + Chinese language and vocab + focus + self-discipline + slowly slowly

#射日 #太阳 #中文 #靶 #弓箭 #中秋节#shootingthesuns #archery #zenandtheartofarchery #funwithkids #chinesewithkids #homeschool #teachingmethods #ancientandmodern #midautumnfestival #Eklavia #thearcher #themaster #mastery #slowlyslowly

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