船 chuan boat

How to combine my art, my kid’s Chinese learning, my Chinese learning, our cultural awareness, my brushes, homeschool paddling pool physics lesson about floating (ok, I jest) – how to combine our whole life? Always trying to do everything and this was a simple idea for a Gesamtkunstwerk killing 5 birds with one stone. Because art and life are inseparable, are they not? Maybe some people disagree, I would love to hear their point of view.

On the back of my makeshift Clouds brush boat I wrote 船 chuan boat because… any opportunity for Chinese characters! Any opportunity to set it in a child’s (and my!) memory.

And of course a simple paper boat. These are going in my Door Buddha painting as golden boats (reminiscent of the golden Chinese sycee yuanbao ingots at Spring Festival Chinese New Year symbolising fortune) (any opportunity at all to be culturally aware… and this is just for Chinese learning. I am obsessed… luckily we are doing only one language at a time, mother and son. Otherwise… whole world of cultures to explore and be obsessed by… India, Persia, Russia… and actually the rest of the world 🌍)

#船 #chuan #boat #culturalawareness #chineseculture #worldculture #sycee #yuanbao #gold #ingot #paperboat #chinesecharacters #chinesefun #funwithkids #vaishaliprazmari #homeschool #Cloudsbrush #doitall #artandlife #artislife

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