Me and him!

No 1 is ‘I’

‘Him’ is no 2, his brother the baby!

So when baby is older… maybe it will be reversed, and then I’ll need another magic water scroll as they grow so fast!

Then he added magnets for 我 和 他, 哥哥和弟弟big brother little brother entirely self-initiated (yep I’m proud!) I forget how kids love to place things on top of other things. Hands-on!

Magic water paper and brush is literally my favourite children’s toy. It’s even portable as quite light. Perhaps it’s my favourite adult toy too, ok 🙂 I can’t think of a better toy actually, every family should have one. If I had to choose one children’s toy I think this would be it! Even for non-Chinese learning families – just use it for painting! No mess as is just plain water too = perfect for any room

#magicwaterpaper #magicbrush #我 #他 #我 和 他 #哥哥 #弟弟 #哥哥和弟弟 #小弟弟 #大哥哥 #teachingkids #homeschool #funwithkids #handson #artistmom #learningchinese

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