Toddler calligraphy

山 shān mountain

Split-second decisions: I almost intervene when he does the wrong stroke order (as this is crucial and I normally weave this in initially), then pull my hand back at the last minute, as it’s a balance between getting the correct form (which stems from the correct order) and the freedom, spontaneity and joy of play, plus the pleasure of wielding a brush. Sometimes, actively teach, yes (especially as they copy us, and it’s actually my calligraphy set). Sometimes, just let them play.

The old-fashioned, traditional art of memorisation and muscle memory training versus Montessori and child-led.

Art and parenting. The ancient and modern, played out in the education of children.

Does it always have to be a ‘versus’, though…?

I don’t actually know the answer, so I do what I always do: do both

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