I want to elaborate on this colour 青 qīng. In Chinese culture it can variously mean green, blue, blue-green or even black! What a range… I grew up on an island in Hong Kong and my favourite colours are blue and green, the sky/sea and the island respectively. Mixing them together is turquoise, and the addition of black makes it mysterious. No Chinese person has yet been able to define this colour properly for me. Maybe it’s not possible. It’s a very old word. However in the Willow Window I’ve mixed green, blue and black in my own tribute to 青色 qīng sè. I also find that every time I use it it is a calming influence in my work. There is some research to suggest that different cultures view colours differently; indeed some African tribes see fewer colours than other humans, and of course I think of the many words for snow that Inuit can distinguish and I can’t. The only explanation I can come up with is the fact that azurite (blue) and malachite (green) both come from the same stone and have the same chemical composition (copper carbonate). Yet this doesn’t explain the black…

#qīng #qīngsè #青 #青色 #colour #mysteriouscolour #green #blue #black #vaishaliprazmari #inxanadu #willowwindow

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