Opium bed update

We sourced a real antique opium bed frame bottom and touched up the gilding ourselves

Also known as a Chinese marriage bed but more famous as ‘opium bed’ since opium would be smoked inside in the past

Sleeps 2 inside

And now has a pull-out full double bed underneath so now sleeps 4 (families welcome!)

The step leading to the bed inside also doubles as a sitting bench

All my husband’s hard work including his contemporary take on the moon gate frame and leather, brass, suede and gold! I did the revolving dome inside and have yet to paint the last bit of patterns on the side of the bed frames

Mixing ancient and modern as we love to do


#husbandandwifeteam #patrikprazmari #opiumbed #antiquebed #vaishaliprazmari #leather #gold #suede #brass #interior #marriagebed #chinese #interiordesign #moongate #ancientandmodern

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