My brushes are not designed to only look good, they are working tools designed to be used. You see lacquered brush handles a lot but I insist on plain raw wood handles as it improves grip and you can really feel what you’re doing with the tools. Yes, it does mean they get a bit messy after a while. Use them, even write on them to remind you what specific technique they’re for or whether they are gold-only (something you can’t easily do with lacquered handles) get them dirty (and clean up at the end, take good care of them!) The main point of tools is to use them, not so they stagnate on a display shelf as they are not jewellery. I also find beauty in the simplicity anyway

#miniaturepainting #persianminiature #mughalminiature #vaishaliprazmaribrushes #theperfectbrush #vaishaliprazmari #1001nightsphd #rawwood #tools #simplicity #handson

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