Hagia Sophia

Bodhi tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment

Entry to Memory Palace

New York, New York, and Ellis island

Pyramids at Giza

Contour lines on a map

Memory Palace by @esdevlin at @pitzhanger where she captures memorable and remarkable events that have shaped human history from the beginning of the first humans up to today. Brilliant and inspiring piece of work that informs my own work on memory and the 1001 Nights. So happy I saw it and thank you to the really lovely gallery ladies @pitzhanger_manor_gallery who so kindly let me in just before closing time after I’d had a horrendous journey on London transport during rush hour – people like that remind me that capital cities are not only where you find the worst people, but also the best.😊 Cities = civilisation, civility and citizens but not always zen, as also encapsulated in this monumental piece of work. Glad I made it, totally worth it.

#esdevlin #memory #memorypalace #city #landscape #memorisation #1001nights #vaishaliprazmariphd #white #sculpture #pitzhangergallery #humanhistory #civilisation #humanity #bestoftimesandworstoftimes

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