Come and learn Siyah Qalam miniature painting techniques on my upcoming course at The PrincesSchool OfTraditional Arts:

The Art of the Black Brush: Siyah Qalam

Monday evenings 18:00 – 21:00

7th October – 25th November

Miniature painting is the art of the line. This course will break down the brushstrokes, really concentrating on the lines and perfecting techniques, as well as focusing mainly on black and white.

Students will explore the deep relationship to Chinese art and its insistence on quality and originality of line. Students will use special brushes created and provided by the tutor for the duration of the course.

Students will push their brushes to their highest capabilities by focusing on the bare essentials: black ink on paper. The absence of colour allows you to focus totally on brush handling techniques as students draw inspiration from these unique and powerful images.

Purchase the brushes during the course at a discounted rate or at and the art shop in London AP Fitzpatrick


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