A CARPET PAGE’s progress/process II

I traced my elemental motifs down onto the page. THEN I realised I had run out of paper… because I had, erroneously, been so eager to start that I was already drawing elements based on the original manuscript, and eventually measuring the original manuscript for its own ratios and dimensions, before I’d measured the dimensions of my page! I don’t recommend this as a course of action. It has its own beauty, of course, that of serendipity – I was now truly forced not to copy but to definitely create (not even recreate!) my own carpet page. So I did.

Or just work on a large enough sheet of paper that it doesn’t matter if you have to make dimensional adjustments later!

My happy accident took me down a different path – that of having to think for myself. There is a danger with traditional art in that it is easy, through copying, to let oneself become passive – I think this is a great danger and can lead to slavish copying and, worse, ‘colouring in’ (!!!). No – don’t be lazy. Do the hard thing. Keep it active. Keep thinking and analysing and feeling.